Portable Dog Bowls- Pinky

Portable Dog Bowls- Pinky


  • $10.00

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Includes: 2 dog bowls with zip closure

Design: Black and white dogs on a hot pink background.

  • Modgy Expandable Dog Bowls provide easy hydration and food for your dog on the go. Whether traveling or at the park, your dog needs water to keep him hydrated and happy. Modgy Expandable Dog Bowls are constructed of BPA free plastic, re-usable, easy to re-fill and zip closed so they're mess free and easy to pack up when you're ready to go. Each package includes two bowls. With Modgy Expandable Dog Bowls your pup will be the envy of the dog park.
  • Bowl Stands when full
  • flatten and fold up when empty
  • Reuse-able
  • Recyclable