Disney Baby™ Minnie Mouse Stuffed Animal

Disney Baby™ Minnie Mouse Stuffed Animal

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Disney Baby™ Minnie Mouse Stuffed Animal

This wonderfully huggable version of Disney Baby™  Minnie Mouse is oh-so-soft. Minnie Mouse is soft and cuddle sized at 19-inches tall and makes the perfect pal. Bring home this classic character in an extra large size today.

Ages 3+

Oftentimes, a child’s very first toy in life is a cute and cuddly stuffed animal. Stuffed animals for babies provide comfort, mental stimulation, and a fun companion. As toddlers, stuffed animals for girls and boys can serve as useful educational tools to learn about animals, body parts, compassion, and new words. The preschool age is a critical time for imaginative play, and even older children enjoy stuffed animals to put on plays and complement school lessons about biology, zoology, and geography.
We love stuffed animals for babies and children of all ages, and at Kids Preferred, we have a wide selection of lovable companions to play with. Kids Preferred always puts your child’s safety first, so they only carry stuffed animals that are safe, age-appropriate, and beautifully designed with high-quality materials.
They also understand that stuffed animals tend to get dirty and wet with all the love and attention they receive. That’s why this is a hand-washable stuffed animal for girls and boys so your little one can keep on playing with just a quick wipe-down.  After a long day, there’s nothing quite like cuddling up with your stuffed animal at night. Give the gift of softness, love, and affection!

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