Squishables Comfort Food Gingerbread Man


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The Gingerbread Man is renowned for his daring escapes! This fine specimen of yummicus gingericus can frequently be found fleeing famished families. Who can catch him? No one! He's the Gingerbread Man! Look no further than his gumdrop buttons and shmancy bow tie. In between running as fast as he can, that gingerbread man is rushing to his day-job (his gingerbread house has a gingerbread mortgage to keep up)! When he's not involuntarily training for a 5k, he works for a non-profit that supplies frosting to overly-crumbly cookies! You're doing a great job, Gingerbread Man! Now if only the general townspeople would stop trying to consume you along your way!
Adorable holiday fun.  Use it for your gingerbread baking party and Christmas decor.
A perfect holiday gift for all ages from little ones to grandmas.  Ages 2 to 92! 

3(w) x 14(d) x 17(h) inches. Polyester fiber, ages 0 and up!

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