Capt'n Salty and Pepper

Capt'n Salty and Pepper

Chantilly Lane

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Talk about getting attention! This unique Chantilly Lane Capt'n Salty & Pepper singing plush bear captivates a room. The perfect addition to anyone's everyday fun, Capt'n Salty & Pepper bring out their very  best rendition of Hot! Hot! Hot! . With the classic pirate and skull bone pirate hat, an eyepatch, mustache, red and white striped shirt, blue ripped at the bottom pants, and tan tattered vest, our Capt'n Salty is quite the looker. Having his colorful yellow, green, blue and orange parrot Pepper on his shoulder just adds to the drama. Capt'n Salt and Pepper never let you down as they take turns singing along.   Batteries are included.

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