Ballet Bunnies

Cuddle Barn

  • $6.99

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  • Great for Easter Baskets, Easter Egg Hunts, and Spring Party Decorations.
  • Sweet and compact, these 4-inch plush bunnies declare "Happy Easter!" when squeezed.
  • Cute and squeezable, this stuffed plush 3-pack fits perfectly in an Easter basket, stages cutely around the house, or serves as a memorable and huggable gift all on their own.
  • Fully embroidered facial features for a soft and safe look-and-feel.
  • Designed with the vibrant pastel colors of a painted Easter egg, these bunny squeezers fit perfectly in an Easter basket, stage cutely around the house, or make memorable and huggable gifts.
  • Set ships in an 8x10 "Enjoy the Little Things" cotton drawstring bag, perfect for storage or gift giving.

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