Flappy the Elephant by Gund


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Flappy is an adorable neutral gray elephant with huge flappy ears. Perfect for a boy or girl.  With the added tutu, wand or hat it is even cuter for that special little girl.   Tutu will fit up to age 18 months.

Our elephant has two functions: Push one leg and it sings "Do Your Ears Hang Low" as it's ears flap up and down over it's eyes.  Push the other leg and Flappy plays "Peek A Boo Baby" hiding behind his huge elephant ears! A perfect gift for babies, and little girls and boys.

  • :
  • Flappy is customizable: Pink tulle tutu, wand, and birthday hat is additional. 
  • Also available in customizable celebration packages! Get Flappy and all her accessories in special occasion wrapping! Boxes can be customized to your special occasion just contact us for details.
  • Celebration Flappy comes with tulle tutu, wand and/or birthday hat.
  • Babyshower Flappy comes with a monogrammed baby blanket and matching leggings.

Pairs great with our Flappy The Elephant Lovey:

Hello, baby! Flappy the elephant is always ready to play with baby. This adorable 11.5-inch Lovey version of Flappy combines baby's favorite elephant with a security blanket, making it even easier to take Flappy on the go. Back pocket turns Flappy into a puppet, too!


AND Flappy The Elephant Soft Book :

Hello, baby! Flappy the elephant is always ready to play with baby. There's a new way to play peek-a-boo with Flappy! The 8-inch Flappy Soft Book activity book is sure to keep baby engaged during play with sensory stimulating crinkle, ribbon for tactile play, super soft plush pages, and more!

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